What is The Farmers and Herders Initiative for Peace and Development?

The Farmers and Herders Initiative for Peace and Development (FHIPD) is an international centre that supports and promotes non-violent approaches to conflict transformation through a combination of research, community dialogues and action.

What we are doing to inspire peace and development

Farmers and herders initiated the creation of FHIPD as a response to the violent conflicts in the world between them. There has been a sharp increase in violence between farmers and grazers due to the high rise in population, among other factors. The work of FHIPD focuses on the transformation of such conflicts to peaceful co-existence.

Recent Activities

What is the farmer/ herder conflict about?

The conflict is fundamentally on land and water-use between farmers and herders, obstruction of traditional cattle migration routes, crop destruction, livestock theft and killings. Drought and desertification has dried up water sources and intensified the problem.
  Populations have risen rapidly and acquisitions of land by large-scale farmers have deprived herders of grazing reserves.
In places where herders are nomadic and Muslim and farmers Christians the violent conflict takes on dangerous religious and ethnic dimensions. The violence exacts a heavy humanitarian and economic toll as well as a burden on law enforcement distracting them from other important work.